In Perthshire we have had lots of rain throughout the autumn, but winter arrived with a huge dump of snow at the end of November and start of December.

We have had a flock of Fieldfares – winter migrants from Scandinavia & Russia – feeding on the apples in Perthshire Wildlife HQ garden. The blackbirds have joined in & all the apples have now been eaten, so the birds have moved on to the Cotoneaster berries.

What we grow in our gardens can make a huge difference to wildlife throughout the whole year, and the majority of our plants are native, nectar-rich, or produce berries over the winter (a combination of all three is the best eg hawthorn and dog rose). Our sister company Celtica Wildflowers grows native wildflowers from Scottish seed and offers advice on how to improve your garden or park for wildlife – drop them a line if you need some assistance with helping your wildlife!

We have a few wintery guided walks coming up so please keep checking the website & Facebook/ Twitter pages for updates.