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Perthshire is right in the centre of Scotland and easily reached from Scotland’s cities. It is on the border of the Highlands and fertile Lowlands and so contains the wildlife found in both these areas, ensuring there is lots to see!

Half-day Perthshire Tour

Two young red deer in grass surrounded by trees staring at the camersa

This half-day Wildlife Tour is a  3.5 hour trip for up to six people in the Perthshire Wildlife electric vehicle. We meet in Perth and visit wildlife-rich areas of central Perthshire.  The tour is a combination of time spent in the vehicle and fairly short, easy walks to get closer to the wildlife of the River Tay & in one of Scotland’s most beautiful bluebell woods. Binoculars, guides and telescope are provided, as well as refreshments.  Walking boots and suitable outdoor clothing are essential. A snack and hot drink is useful, especially on winter days. We run this according to when you want to go, for example as an early morning or evening trip, or from 10am to 1.30pm.

PRICE: £200 (group booking only)
GROUP SIZE: Max 5 people
TIME: 3.5 hours
AVAILABLE: April – October

5 star rating
A special place all land owners should aspire to. Had a lovely time at Bamff Beaver Safari last
Saturday. Totally relaxing, chilling and informative visit. Guide was so enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable.
I was accompanied by a small hen party, who were lovely company, what a great alternative celebration.
Highly recommend. Even a wee toast to welcome the Beavers back to Scotland and a bit of Shortbread.
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Caz A
5 star rating
Fantastic! Absolutely brilliant tour, what incredible creatures beavers are! Danièle is really knowledgeable and taught us and showed us loads about these great animals.
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Colin C
5 star rating
10/10 Beaver (& Otter) Tour My wife and I drove to Alyth to meet our tour guide. She was prompt and cheerful, depsite some rainy weather, and we proceeded to follow her in our car to a Beaver sanctuary where we were given expert information on the lifecycle, environment and ecological impact of the Beaver in Scotland and around the world. We then drove off to a local river, which was fairly easy to get to (via a short rek through some fields). The guide was also a bat expert, and showed us her equipment to detect the bats' sonar and to differentiate the species via the feedback on the detector. We sat beside the river upstream from a small weir, or waterfall, next to a submerged Beaver dam. We almost immediately saw an Otter, and then proceeded to see numerous Beavers swimming past us as, mere meteres away, which we got a great look at and made some lovely photographs and memories. It is a quiet spot and so there is no difficulty finding Beavers here. Our guide, Jean, was friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and it was a totaly privelege to be on this wonderful tour. I hope to make this tour again one day when we return to Scotland in the future.
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Felicity A
5 star rating
Great safari, loved seeing the beavers Great trip, just the four of us and the tour guide. She was able to give us lots of information about the local area, specifically on beaver reintroduction, and showed us signs of beaver activity in the area. We then walked along the river, stopping at the recommended spots, until the beavers appeared! We saw about half a dozen, adults and babies, and got some great photos. Lovely animals. Finished with a dram of whisky! Beautiful evening well spent. My main recommendation would be to go in summer for those lovely long evenings – we lost the light fairly early unfortunately, but still had a great time.
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