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Explore Perthshire

Perthshire is right in the centre of Scotland and easily reached from Scotland’s cities. It is on the border of the Highlands and fertile Lowlands and so contains the wildlife found in both these areas, ensuring there is lots to see!

Half-day Perthshire Tour

Two young red deer in grass surrounded by trees staring at the camersa

This half-day Wildlife Tour is a  3.5 hour trip for up to six people in the Perthshire Wildlife electric vehicle. We meet in Perth and visit wildlife-rich areas of central Perthshire.  The tour is a combination of time spent in the vehicle and fairly short, easy walks to get closer to the wildlife of the River Tay & in one of Scotland’s most beautiful bluebell woods. Binoculars, guides and telescope are provided, as well as refreshments.  Walking boots and suitable outdoor clothing are essential. A snack and hot drink is useful, especially on winter days. We run this according to when you want to go, for example as an early morning or evening trip, or from 10am to 1.30pm.

PRICE: £300 (group booking only)
GROUP SIZE: Max 5 people
TIME: 3.5 hours
AVAILABLE: April – October

Suzanne B
5 star rating
Excellent time with Perthshire Wildlife! We had a great experience spotting beavers with my very enthusiastic son and his cousin (both 7 years). Our guide, Joan, was lovely and very knowledgeable. We got a really good insight into the beavers habitat and way of life. You do need to be super quiet for the beavers to show themselves, so would bear that in mind. Would highly recommend. 🙂
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5 star rating
A brilliant evening - I could've stayed out all night! Daniele was so knowledgeable about the beavers and to see them in the wild was such a treat. We learnt so much - i'd highly recommend it. It was the start of our stay in Scotland & Perthshire Wildlife set the bar very highly!
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5 star rating
A Fantastic Experience and a Memorable Evening I came across Perthshire Wildlife on Google Search and immediately made email contact with Daniele. This was a much longed for trip as we had wanted to see a wild Scottish Beaver for quite a while now. From the minute I made contact with Daniele, confirmed our travel dates and arrangements, to meeting her in person, and then saying goodbye, I cannot praise Daniele enough. My husband and I visit Perthshire a few times a year from our home in Northern Ireland. This time we travelled by bus and train from Glasgow Airport and so had no car. Daniele picked us up at our hotel last Saturday afternoon, and took us past beautiful countryside to a river beyond rural Blairgowrie. Daniele knowledgeably explained to us about the Beavers, their habitat, food likes and their Winter and Summer lodges. As we settled down on our rug at the river's edge with our binoculars, opposite their Winter Lodge to quietly wait for them, almost immediately a young adult Beaver came in to view (Daniele explained about the young kits staying with their parents for 2 years), and glided/swam for a few seconds in front of us. It was a wow moment for my husband and I; a wild Scottish beaver right in front of us, clearly visible without binoculars PRICELESS. Despite the rain coming on for a wee bit, our mood remained buoyant as we saw flashes of blue from kingfishers, and heard pheasants calling in the fields behind us. After a wee while, all was quiet from the Beavers and Daniele with her expert knowledge and instinct, moved us down to another location on the river which she said was their Summer Lodge. The rain had stopped and as dusk started to fall we could clearly make out movement on the other side of the bank yes more Beavers. For the remainder of our time there, we saw them clearly swimming about as they gnawed on fallen tree branches. A big adult Beaver slowly glided past us, fully stretched, then paddle splashed with that enormous tail. An inquisitive one swam right up to the river bank edge just in front of us and we could clearly see his/her eyes and ears .unforgettable. Sadly the falling darkness meant we had to leave our Beaver friends and we made our way back up the fields to Daniele's car. Daniele opened a bottle of single malt Whiskey and my husband and I had a wee dram to toast the Beavers and finish off what had been a fantastic night. We are indebted to Daniele for looking after us so well. Her passion and love for Beavers shines out of her and I could listen to her all night. She is a genuine expert on Beavers and wildlife in general. On our way back to our hotel, Daniele carefully drove around toads on the country lanes and we saw roe deer crossing the road. What an end to our special evening. It will remain in our memories for years to come, and we have recounted that wonderful experience to our family and friends now that we are back home. I thoroughly recommend Perthshire Wildlife and our indebted thanks and gratitude to Daniele for looking after us so well. A truly remarkable and much enjoyed experience. You have made us so very happy. Thanks Daniele from Sharon and Brian McCloy.
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5 star rating
A special place all land owners should aspire to. Had a lovely time at Bamff Beaver Safari last
Saturday. Totally relaxing, chilling and informative visit. Guide was so enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable.
I was accompanied by a small hen party, who were lovely company, what a great alternative celebration.
Highly recommend. Even a wee toast to welcome the Beavers back to Scotland and a bit of Shortbread.
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