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Beaver Tours and wildlife experiences in beautiful Perthshire


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Perthshire Wildlife

Welcome to Perthshire Wildlife, a small Scottish company which helps connect locals and holiday makers to our beautiful Scottish countryside and the wonderful wildlife that lives here. We run a variety of wildlife tours across Perthshire and Angus, specialising in Beaver tours where we observe the wonderful European beavers living wild on the River Tay catchment.

Central Perthshire is one of the best places in Scotland and the UK to see beavers in the wild and we run safaris by canoe, in conjunction with local canoeing experts, as well as on foot to get close to these amazing creatures. We have been running our beaver safaris for over ten years and have seen beavers on over 95% of these tours over the past 5 years.

We can also run private tours and guided walks for you – just contact us with the species or place you would like to see and we will do the rest!

Our tours have been featured on Great Coastal Railway Journeys – see us on the River Tay with Michael Portillo here, as well as on Landward and Countryfile – this clip shows our beaver-spotting safari on the River Tay with Charlotte!

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Beaver Tours

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Guided Wildlife Walks

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Seasonal Walks

Gill R
5 star rating
A must for beaver believers Ii really enjoyed the beaver watch. I went hoping to see at least one but was amazed by lots of them! Adults, kits and about one year old. They were collecting food, disappearing underwater to their lodges. And one lumbered out for a bit. The guide was excellent and we learnt about how beavers shape the landscape and about wildflowers and plants. Recommended tour.
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5 star rating
Beaver Canoe Safari. Very knowledge guide and plenty of Beavers! The guided beaver canoe safari from Aberfeldy was excellent!
There were 11 people on the trip plus 2 canoe guides from Beyond Adventure and Danielle. Danielle was very knowledgeable about beavers and other local wildlife. The canoe guides had a great sense of humour and guided us to the nest places to see beavers.
The trip involved a short briefing at Beyond Adventure then a 5min trip in a mini bus to the otherside of Aberfeldy. The canoes were tied into 2 rafts to keep everyone together. We canoed for while then landed on a beach to walk to the beaver pond. After 30mins or so we got back in the canoes to travel further down the river and back to Beyond Adventure.
We were very lucky to see a number of beavers with a close view at the beaver pond. The best view came when one decided to swim under water very close to the boat.
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5 star rating
A fantastic evening out! We had a fantastic time watching the beavers at work! Our guide showed us some lovely spots to see them and provided lots of information on them and how to spot them yourself!
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5 star rating
Great guide, beavers weren't so visible likely due to the very wet weather. We had a fun and interesting time, the guide was excellent. We didn't see any beavers at the first location but it was interesting to look at dams and lodges and to learn how they affect the landscape. We did see beavers at the second location but only briefly, the weather was very wet and they didn't seem to like it!! Would still recommend this chance to see them anyhow.
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What else do we do?

Daniele Muir consultant on safe guttering for animals in a white frame


Daniele Muir showing children diagrams on an education wilderness walk


meadow carnesbill with raindrops

Celtica Wildflowers

Beautiful Perthshire

Perthshire is right in the centre of Scotland and easily reached from Scotland’s cities. It is on the border of the Highlands and fertile Lowlands and so contains the wildlife found in both these areas, ensuring there is lots to see! Also known as Big Tree Country, there is a huge range of beautiful woodlands to visit. On a day out you could visit Europe’s oldest tree, see beautiful waterfalls, lochs, wildflower meadows and woodlands. We can help you find grouse, deer, ospreys, leaping salmon and beavers!

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