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We have been running our Beaver Canoe Safaris on the River Tay in Aberfeldy for two weeks so far this season and have had great success already! The trip involves a lovely paddle past the town and takes in a number of beaver lodges, beaver dams and wetland habitat, evidence of the woodland management and, if we are lucky, the beavers themselves. On the first trip we were lucky to see beavers climbing over their dam and on the trip last night we had two beavers swimming and diving close to their lodge and feeding for about forty minutes. It was wonderful! We also had Shelduck, Goosanders, Mergansers, Swifts (hurrah, back in Perthshire this week!), Sand martins, Swallows, Common sandpipers, Dipper, Pipistrelle bats and lots of Mallard ducklings.

And on our Riverbank Tours in the past few weeks, we have had excellent lengthy sightings of the lovely beaver family. On Wednesday we had a really good view of the Mum beaver having a good groom so we could see her nipples which are looking much bigger and more swollen than usual – she will be giving birth to 2-4 kits in just a few days. See the video here (it’s blurry as I zoomed in 60x).

I think May is the most beautiful month of the year, especially with all the summer migrants arriving, birds singing and beautiful wildflowers in bloom. It’s Mental Health Awareness Week just now so I hope nature is bringing you as much peace and pleasure as it does me.

Here’s another nice video here from a Dusk Riverside Safari this week!