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Since we re-started our tours in early July I am pleased to say we have had absolutely fantastic sightings of our wonderful little beaver family. Last night we had one of the kits – still only about 30cm long at 10 weeks old – feeding & grooming on the riverbank directly opposite from us!

We have also seen Kingfishers most trips and occasionally seen the Otter! We even saw the adult beavers moving the kits upriver in their mouths one night and Brian Sloan managed to get this fantastic photo. I have never seen this before and think the otters must have been threatening the kits (they will eat beaver kits when they are small) and the adults had to move them away quickly to keep them safe.

Join us for a fantastic night with the wildlife of the river. We still aren’t able to run the Beaver Safaris by Kayak but will let you know when we can (hopefully once we are in Phase 4).

Please help the Tayside Beavers by signing this petition being run by Trees for Life. European Beavers are supposedly protected species but can be killed under licence on prime agricultural land. This is asking they are relocated rather than killed in these areas. Thank you.