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Over the past couple of months I am pleased to say that the beavers have been putting on a wonderful display for our clients. I like to think they are making up for not having lots of spectators during lockdown!

Most nights (and we have run very successful dawn safaris too) we see Dad beaver first, followed by a yearling or two, with occasional sightings of the Mum and the kit(s). I haven’t seen both kits together for quite a while but hopefully they are both doing well.

There has been an otter visiting the lodge a few times a week and I managed to get a video of two beavers (Dad & a yearling) chasing it off. Otters, along with Mink, will predate on beaver kits when small. You can have a look at most of the videos on the Perthshire Wildlife Youtube channel. We often see Kingfishers, Dippers, Goosanders, and Herons too, and over the past couple of weeks we are out while large flocks of Canada geese honk overhead on their way home to roost.

We were also lucky to have a fantastic write up in the i paper yesterday (9th September) which will hopefully encourage even more people to visit our wonderful beavers and discover what they do for both the Perthshire economy and its ecology.