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It is quite exciting to be out and about and leading tours again, with our first few Beaver Safaris rewarding us with fantastic sightings. Have a look at this pair of two-year old beavers play fighting here – they certainly made us smile with their antics!

We were out with a film crew & Michael Portillo on Friday night to film a Beaver Canoe Safari on the River Tay near Aberfeldy for his Great Coastal Railway Journeys. Aberfeldy is a bit of a leap from the coast, but a railway used to run to the town and the Tay flows in to the North Sea, so there are a couple of (fairly tenuous) links.

Beyond Adventure supplies the canoes and local knowledge, and they were able to take us to the best spots for easy filming, as well as close to the beaver lodges on the river. As it was a lovely sunny evening there were lots of people enjoying the sunshine, so we thought the chances of seeing the beavers were slim. However, just south of town we spotted three beavers including an adult and a yearling, and even managed to get some good footage of one swimming close to the canoe with the camera man.

Our tours have been booking up quickly and two of the Beaver Canoe Safaris are now fully booked (on the 8th & 22nd of May) but there are still places on the other trips. I’d advise booking quickly though as I think we are going to be extremely busy again this summer. I look forward to seeing you soon!