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Life almost seems back to normal now, though we still have a number of strict Covid procedures to follow and I’d imagine these will last for quite a long time. As a consequence we haven’t been able to start the Angus Coastal Tours yet (we had hoped to launch them in spring ’20!). But we now offer three different summer beaver tours – Beaver Canoe Safari, Riverside Beaver Safari and Half-day Beaver Safari –  all of which have been very busy since lockdown eased.  And people have been coming from further afield from ever before to see the beavers – we even had a couple coming all the way from Reading last weekend. Hopefully this reflects the increased interest in nature that came to the fore during lockdown, as well as the passion people feel for returning our countryside to a more natural system, plus a love for beavers! Who couldn’t love a large furry rodent that helps in flood prevention, improving water quality, providing a home for other wildlife and growing ecotourism? And people do go away feeling very happy after watching the beavers (especially after seeing sights like the one below), so they have a definite role in positive wellbeing by connecting people with nature.

I am reading a book called The Nature Fix by Florence Williams just now which pulls together lots of reasons why being close to nature is so good for you. It’s well worth a read.

Fortunately they were rewarded with great sightings of the beaver family, including some dam repair!