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We are grateful to have received funding from VisitScotland for their #GreatDaysOut promotion to help reduce cost of our Winter Beaver Safaris until Feb 18th, so it’s now £35 per adult and a family ticket for 2 adults & 2 children is £105. Use code UPTO50OFF when making your booking here

This trip takes us on the trail of the European beaver where we visit amazing beaver dams, beaver ponds, chewed trees and beaver tracks and trails. We will spend half an hour sitting by the beaver ponds at the end of the tour so make sure you wrap up warmly, but we can’t guarantee their appearance as they are far less active in the winter. We’ll also tell the story of the history of beavers in Scotland, how they re-appeared in Perthshire and why they are so important to the ecology of our rivers and wetlands. This is a great trip for families as everyone can collect their own beaver chips and beaver-chewed sticks – we had some brilliant reviews this year! See one of this year’s kits grazing on grass here (it’s gorgeous!).

Other good news in the beaver world includes the change in ScotGov policy so that beavers can now be relocated within Scotland from areas where the landowner doesn’t want them. This means fewer beavers will be killed and those that are trapped to be relocated can stay in Scotland, rather than having to endure a long journey to somewhere south of the border.

We are working on another Ponds for Wildlife project this winter – managing SUDS ponds (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) for the benefit for wildlife. If you want to help out – which involves digging out ponds and getting wet and muddy! – please get in touch on the address.

We have a number of vouchers available for gifts – you can get Riverside beaver tours (from £110 for 2), Beaver Canoe Safaris (£130 for 2), a pond starter box of wildflowers (£50) and a meadow starter kit of wildflowers (£50). Just get in touch with Daniele or buy the value directly on the Gift Up page of the website here.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Have a happy St Andrews Day!