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We’ve been really busy with our beaver tours again this summer, with clients from Scotland, England, Australia, New Zealand and more! We have been running our guided tours to the riverbank and the beaver canoe safaris in the evening, but have recently run a few sunrise trips which are also really successful.

One of the best things about the trips to the river (apart from the beavers, otters, kingfishers & other wildlife that we spot) is the bird song. At this time of year – ie late summer – the birds have pretty much finished breeding and aren’t singing very much. But they are more vocal in the morning than the evening so that’s one of the bonuses of the sunrise tours.

It’s also great if you are a morning person (like me) and it’s brilliant to get out & about first thing, rather than working on the computer. It sets you up for the day!

So join us for a sunrise tour and spend a few lovely hours enjoying our wonderful Perthshire wildlife! Daniele

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