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We have a new team member in the shape of Floss the Border collie! Sadly we lost lovely Corrie back in February and there has been a big gap ever since. On seeing Floss on the Dogs Trust website, we thought she looked like the perfect new companion!

She was found as a stray and has been with the Dogs Trust for 6 months so it is good to be able to offer a home where she will feel safe and secure. She is enjoying her short walks around the village but is obsessed with ratty Rowan & Clover and can spend hours gazing longingly at their cage! She is also very reactive with other dogs walking past the garden but I hope that can be lessened over time with training and treats. She loves cuddles and has a very sweet nature and we’ll hopefully be able to pass on lots of happy stories about her over the next few years.

In other news – the beavers continue to be as wonderful as ever. We have had sightings of 2 new kits on the Riverbank safaris and 1 new kit on the Canoe Safaris! They are very cute and are very funny to watch when keeping up with the rest of the family in the water – I think they look a bit like wind-up clockwork toys.

The Swifts are in the process of leaving though I did hear a few screaming in Blairgowrie yesterday just before our Say Goodbye to the Swifts event at the library. The Blairgowrie and Rattray Swift project is being funded by the Tayside Biodiversity Partnership and Blairgowrie and Rattray Development Trust and the aims are to map existing nest sites to help protect them and find good locations for nestboxes to help the swift population grow. I will also be working with developers to encourage them to incorporate more biodiversity into their future plans. Imagine if all new homes had a small pond surrounded by a wildflower area, a native hedge to connect to the neighbour’s hedge and a small native fruit tree, along with inbuilt homes for swifts, bats and other wildlife, what a game changer that would be.

The future is also looking hopeful for beavers moving into the Cairngorms National Park (or rather, being moved by the authorities), as lots of discussions are taking place there just now with communities and landowners. Hopefully the benefits of the beavers with regards to flood control, creation of habitat for other wildlife, water cleaning and ecotourism will be clearly seen.

We look forward to seeing you soon although I do feel like summer is coming to a close already (it’s not quite mid August). Robin was singing his wintery song this morning which always makes me a feel a bit melancholy.

Here are a few lovely pictures of Corrie (described as ‘The Brad Pitt of the dog world’) who really was a dog in a million.